Update on Life in General

So it has been a little while since we have written a blog post, it has been a little crazy around here for us though. I started my new job a couple weeks ago and have been busy going through training. I have a couple more weeks left of training until I become certified though. Andy too has started one of his busy seasons. He has several potential things that he is working on in addition to the lacrosse photo schedule he already has over the next couple months.

On top of starting out a new job Andy and I have been hanging out with lots of friends and family for dinners. It has been great to eat some awesome food and catch up with some people that we don’t get to see often enough. We even got to meet Andy’s cousin’s newest daughter last month. Even though she slept 90% of the time we were together it was great to finally meet her and give them the baby gift we got them too. We really wish there was more time to see friends and family and hope that with me not traveling for work as often it might be easier in the future.

Our schedule is just going to get busier over the coming months though as we setup more and more things with friends and family. We are babysitting this whole weekend for some friends of ours (their daughter is adorable and awesome!), have friends visiting, going on a trip to Houston to visit my sister’s family, and making plans with some friends in Atlanta all over the next month or so from now.

Staying busy is helping us not stress too often over our upcoming 2 year anniversary of being a waiting family with our agency. At 2 years 80% of families have usually adopted with our agency so to not be one of those families is starting to become a reality and makes it hard to stay positive at times. We know that when the right situation is here it will be terrific but the not knowing the time line is stressful and we can’t wait for that to be over for us and to finally have a child in our family.

The next couple of posts should be coming pretty soon and hopefully we will have lots of pictures to share too!


2 thoughts on “Update on Life in General

  1. We’re approaching our 18-month mark in the wait, the point our agency says is the average wait time. We certainly thought we’d be parents after three months of waiting – we just knew it’d happen like that. It hasn’t, and it’s hard. I hear you. Keeping busy, crazy busy sometimes, certainly helps. Here’s hoping something magical happens for both our families in 2015! We’ll send lots of good thoughts your way!


    • Thanks so much for the kind words! We hope that you guys have luck this year too! It seems like everyone has the same thought that they are great people who wouldn’t pick them and that it will be fast. You forget that everyone out there is great and has the same odds of being chosen as you do. We are definitely erring on the side of crazy busy for the next couple months but it will be a lot of fun at least!

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