Letter to our future Child (second edition)

I think about you being here all of the time. The day we meet you is going to be the best day of my life. Yes, I did say the best day. Marrying your mother was a very close second, but waiting for you to arrive was/is much more difficult. I often wonder if you will be into sports, or music, and what your talents will be. Stephanie and I will allow you to explore your interests and support your goals in those areas.

As I spend my weekends on the Lacrosse fields snapping memories for other parents, I can’t help but visualize supporting you doing whatever you chose to do. I stand on the sidelines and watch kids get knocked down. I watch parents pick them up, and brush them off. I live for that moment. It makes me happy to see parents care so much, but let their kids do what they want to do. When/if you get knocked down, I will always be there to pick you up.

I’ll build LEGOs with you, lay on the floor and play with Hotwheels with you (I have massive collections of both of these things) that we’ll get to play with. Whether you are a boy or girl, I will be playing on the floor with you, playing with whatever  you want to play with. We have your first kitchen set waiting in your toy room for you. They were made in the 70s for your aunt Sara and I by your grandfather. They were passed down to cousins and family friends for decades. They will be yours.

I cannot wait to meet you. We have so many things we want to do with you, places to show you, things to teach you.


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