Home Study Renewal

It is official we have an approved Home Study for the next year while we wait for the child that will be a part of our family!

We got the hard copy of the letter and paperwork just last week that the renewal had been approved. It is great to have it in our hands now so that if we do place we have a copy in our records and can get it if we need it for any reason at any time. This also means that for at least the next several months we don’t have to worry about any paperwork that needs filled out (that is until the time for renewal comes up again).

The second round of paperwork took a lot less time but it still can be hard to organize all the things you need to fill out or get filled out. If we had to worry about the renewal process right now I might go a little crazy hunting down and getting all the forms filled out that we need since we have been so busy the last month or so. The rest of the summer is shaping up to being just as busy for us as well.

Look for another post (hopefully soon) about some of the things we have been up to and our adventures in waiting!


More Paperwork

So as the year is starting to wind down and our schedules are starting to wind up with things for the holidays with friends and family it is also the time of year when we need to do more paperwork for the adoption. A decent portion of the paperwork needed for our home study needs to be renewed every year to keep our profile active. Now that we know what paperwork is needed it will hopefully not be so daunting of a task.

I remember going through the list last year at first and thinking it was going to take forever to fill everything out for the home study to be complete. Now though I am looking at the list of 10 or so documents that need to be done and I am thinking oh well that will be easy I can get all that done in a week no big deal. Although, it does help that the biography and question forms are not needed again because I think those two things took longer than most of our other paperwork and the rest was just finding the time in our schedule to get them done.

The one part that we can’t speed up no matter how hard we try is the FBI fingerprints that need to be completed. For that one item it can take up to 12 weeks to process them. Last year I think it took closer to 8 weeks only and I am really hoping that it is that fast again this year but you never know really.

Here’s hoping for a quick review/processing of some of the documents!

Here we Come Birthmothers-We are Active!

We got the email this afternoon telling us that we are able to be searched online and that are profile is active! It was so great to know it is finally time for the long wait but also a little anti-climatic since we had already gotten all of our approvals in the mail and verbally.

Andy and I are now wondering how long it will be before we get our first contact from a potential birthmother. It is a kind of crazy feeling of being anxious and nervous if someone does actually call to talk to us about making a match. Hopefully, after our meeting next Tuesday going over the contact I won’t feel so nervous. I am just not sure what to say and I know being nervous is normal and that it might even help put the birthmother at ease that it isn’t easy for us either.

Questions that keep going through my mind though are what should I ask her, what should I talk about, will I be able to tell if we are being scammed, and how long should that first contact be before it is too much information at once?

Letters for 15 Minutes

The letters came in the mail today! After getting home and picking them up we ran quickly to the post office to get them sent out to the different locations and separated the ones that we will be keeping to network ourselves. Having letters in hand is something that comes as a great relief after having a slightly frustrating week last week.

Since they are shipped today by the end of the week at the latest we should be searchable in their system and hopefully it will only be a matter of time before we have someone request our letter. I hope that the next segment of our journey goes by fast and doesn’t seem like it takes too long. Time to find things to do to prepare and keep our minds off the clock!

I know it seems silly but Andy and I have already been talking about the whole timing of adoption and how even though we would never say well this month isn’t good for us we’ll wait for another match we are at the same time hoping it happens in certain months. For instance we want to go to the reunion in July this year and we also would like to go to my company’s training weekend in October but those things are not as important as starting a family and we can always see everyone at a different time and have a better experience with starting a new family instead.


Birthmother Letters Shipped

Our letters are printed and being shipped tonight to us! A full 4 business days sooner than they thought they would get in the mail which is awesome! By this time next week we should have them and be ready to go active! It will be nice to start out a new month with an active profile. Plus when we go to group session in two weeks we will have some news to tell everyone that we are officially on the waiting list!

Approved Letter – Finally!

Well it is officially approved and we have submitted the proof approval to the printing company. I am getting so excited to get the letters in the mail so we are active and can hopefully start finding a match for our future son or daughter.

After ordering them today it says that the latest we will have the printed letters is April 8th, 2013 but I really hope that we get them sooner than that because even those 2 or 3 weeks seems like so much wasted time. The letter approval process took a lot longer than I would have thought at the beginning and what makes it even more shocking is that we didn’t have as many revisions as most people end up needing.

Our friends that are going through the same process are having a lot more frustrations around getting everything approved. We started the birthmother letter process around the same time and at this point we are printing and they are only now getting ready to submit the soft copy for full approval. I think it will probably take them another 3 weeks to be at the same place as us. It is a shame because I know they are really excited to get active as well and their main problem has been around photographs for the letter.

Now that I got to hit print it seems almost anti-climactic though since there is still a couple weeks time between this and when we will have them in our hands.

Hard Copy of Birthmother Letter

Finally got everything straightened out with the proof and we will have a new one in the mail today and hopefully get it tomorrow. If we can get it tomorrow then we can drop it off and hopefully have the approval by Friday this week to start the ordering process.

Found out that they don’t do a hard proof after the first one unless you call and request. It would have been nice to know that though last week or we wouldn’t have missed all weekend on waiting for the proof. The one upside is that my mom was able to read through the soft copy proof online this past weekend and she found a small typo. While I am sure that it would be missed by most people and would not be a big deal I really don’t want any typos if someone has seen it.

That meant fixing the layout over the weekend and then getting the new proof ordered. If this proof has an issue though I might go a little insane because I am ready to be finished with this part of the process and active in their system. I am anxious, nervous, and excited all at once for that time when we can be searched for online.

All About Us – Birthmother Letter

Well today is mainly just going to be a quick update on how everything is going in the process. We finally got the information back on our layout for the birthmother letter. While the changes were small and easy to do, we finished them tonight, we are both a little annoyed that some of these text changes had not been brought up earlier in this process.

From here we are really hoping to get a fast answer that we changed everything that was needed and it is now approved for us to start the printing process. Since we have an approved home study, waiting on this to be completed is annoying because if it was already complete we could already be waiting for contact from a birth family.

I know in some ways I should be happy that it is taking a few extra weeks to get through everything because I was so worried about the money being there when we got the call about adoption but at this point I am just ready to be a mom and let my money worries be gone.

Home Study Approval!

We have an approved home study! Glad that part is done for the next year at least. I am not looking forward to keeping all those forms updated if the adoption takes longer than we hope but in the end a little paperwork is a minor thing to deal with for an end result of a little baby boy or girl.

I was a little shocked that we got it back as approved as fast as we did since it was supposed to take up to 6 weeks after the home visit and it has only been about 3 at this point. It is only good news though that it is approved early so I am definitely not going to complain about how fast they went.

Now I am kicking myself for not finishing the text on the birthmother letter sooner than I had. I had written almost all of it and gotten pictures gathered by the end of December and then I left the last section that needed written for another couple weeks for some reason. If I hadn’t we might actually have finished with that step by now too, but all well it will be done soon enough!

Home studyI need to get a better picture of this at some point to display since this one is kind of blurry…


Today we had our interviews with the counselor doing our home study. All in all it went much better than we thought it would. I think we were both a little stressed over what would be in the interviews today. We already pretty much answered every question or form that we though could be possible about our history, beliefs, and current lives.

The interview was actually a one on one meeting discussing our answers and information already sent in to the counselor. For the most part there wasn’t anything new discussed but more of a review. Once it was completed it was shocking that after this we only have one more hurdle for the home study to be complete… the home visit (which means I will be cleaning anything and everything in the house).