Researching Birth Announcements

I am such a planner and really like to have things ready and done before they need to be, especially when it comes to things for the adoption it seems. I have been looking online and seeing all kinds of announcements for an adoption and I like so many of them that it is hard to decide what I will use when it comes time to make them.

I know a big part of it will be pictures of our little one and us but otherwise I am trying to think of sayings and what I want it to look like. Plus there is the ever important when should we send them out. We obviously will not send out birth announcements until at least after relinquishment but then there is also the option of waiting until after finalization to send out the announcement. Waiting for finalization might mean waiting a little longer but at that point the baby’s name on the birth certificate will be finished and we will legally be the parents finally. The only downside of waiting is that we would be waiting and neither Andy nor I are patient people, especially when we are excited about something.

Either way most people will definitely be seeing the first pictures of our family’s addition via Facebook since Andy and I will not be able to keep ourselves from sharing!

What are your preferences on when you want to see the announcement of our newest family member?

Here are some examples I have found on pinterest:

– Having an picture of us with him/her and the words It’s Official!

– He/She was already ours, we simply had to bring him/her home

– Born on XX/XX/XXXX, Matched on XX/XX/XXXX, Forever a Family XX/XX/XXXX with the dates all there

– So worth the wait!