Fourth of July 2014

Well we had a great but fast fourth of July holiday this weekend. We started the weekend with me getting in really late from a work trip on Thursday evening. There were crazy storms all up and down the eastern seaboard (except for Atlanta) and I was of course trying to leave New York La Guardia airport. After a couple of times trying to board and push back from the gate and get on the runway we finally got off the ground 4.5 hours late and got home safe in Atlanta without any other issues.

Then we woke up on Friday and spent lunch and the afternoon with my mom, sister (Jennifer), and nephews (Matt and Jacob). We then met up with my dad and brother-in-law Kyle to go to the newest Transformers movie together. The movie was great although it was quite long it was still a great movie and everyone seemed to enjoy it. By the time the movie was over we got to my parents house for a late dinner of pulled pork sandwiches (which were delicious). On our way home we got stopped at a road block going to our house where the cops were checking for drunk drivers and coming off of the lake.

Saturday was another fun filled day though with lots of family time together. We tried to go out boating but ended up having issues with it being so windy to get my parent’s boat out and instead went to the pool in their neighborhood instead. After spending time there with the family (all the extended family in the area on my side) we then went back to our neighborhood and to our pool to meet up a couple neighbors and visit with them. Finally, it was back to my parents house that night to celebrate my nephew (Matt’s) birthday.

It was a very busy time and we had a lot of fun with our family and relaxation for the weekend! Below are a couple pictures from our time together, although we didn’t get a lot of everyone together.

Matt riding in the car with us on Friday Jacob riding in the car with us on Friday Dessert for the boating trip Stephanie and Matt hanging out on the boatOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA