Car Seats

We now have two great car seats ready for whenever we place with a child. One we bought on sale at babies r us and the other was from my aunt Laura who doesn’t need it any longer for her son. Other than a stroller this was one of the last big things that we needed to purchase in the process of getting our baby room done.

What do you think? 🙂

Infant and Convertible Car Seats

Infant and Convertible Car Seats


Baby Shower Poll

As we are waiting for a birth mother to choose us we have been slowly buying all the things we will need to bring home a baby. At this point we already have all of our furniture, a large portion of the other necessities (bottles, wipes, car seat, etc.), and a few outfits in varying sizes.

Andy and I have talked about it before and were thinking that a welcome to the world shower after we bring home the baby makes the most sense to us. Part of this is because we don’t know when we will adopt and whether we will be adopting a boy or a girl so everything has to be gender neutral now. Also, we thought it would be a great way to have all our close friends and family to meet the newest addition to our family. The only downside at this point seems to be that we can’t stop buying things for the baby ourselves and we have gotten a lot of stuff from friends and family that they weren’t using any longer or that they bought for us just because.

I for one would be happy to just have a “shower” celebrating the creation of our family and not about getting the gifts or things we will need for the baby. However, I know there are some friends who are excited about our adoption too and would like to buy things for the baby as well. So I thought I would ask all of our followers out there what they think we should do? I am not saying we will definitely go with the poll results on our decision but it might help Andy and I decide what will work best for us 😉

Building the Glider

Well we got the glider in the mail earlier this week and finally got to put it together today! Here are some pictures of how it turned out. It seems really comfortable from the short time I sat in it which will make sitting in there rocking a baby to sleep easier in the middle of the night.

All the pieces laid out and ready for assembly.

All the pieces laid out and ready for assembly.

The glider is finished and placed by the window.

The glider is finished and placed by the window.

Stephanie sitting in the chair with our dogs inspecting it with her.

Stephanie sitting in the chair with our dogs inspecting it with her.


Wider view of the whole room. It is coming along so great!

Wider view of the whole room. It is coming along so great!

Shopping at the Outlets

Andy and I had a fun Saturday today. We started out going to a wheel chair basketball practice so he could take some photos from last season to the coach and to take some more pictures at practice with the new team members. Afterwards, while we were heading home, I suggested we wander around the outlet mall by our house to just check out what there all was on sale.

We ended up going to several of the kids stores and browsed for cute gender neutral clothes. This is the selection we were able to come up with! Other than a couple in the 0-3 months size they are all bigger so it might be a while until they are used but we have them!

Our favorites were probably the Introducing me red onesie and the blue one with a camera on it! Can’t wait to have a cutie to try these on and take more photos of them in.


More Gifts

We got a lot of stuff today from a friend of Andy’s. We are really truly blessed to have such awesome friends that are so supportive in the process of our adoption!

Andy has been talking to one of his clients, that he has done freelance work for, about the whole adoption and keeping him updated. Recently he mentioned to Andy they have all kinds of baby related equipment that they don’t need any more since their youngest twins are already 4 years old including a car seat.

We ended up getting a porch swing, an indoor jumper, a baby bath, the car seat, some toys, safety latches and door handles, some diaper bags, an umbrella stroller, a pool baby float, and I am sure there are some other things I just can’t remember! It was a great load of stuff that we ended up paying very little for which if we had bought new at the store would have cost us probably at least 10 times as much.

It was a very great day for gifts in the house and it makes the list of items still needed before we bring home a little one shorter and shorter. We have been really blessed with finding some awesome people willing to give us their old things.

New Gifts

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!

Jennifer has of course gone above and beyond like only she could do. She bought us so many cute things for the baby already and we are so excited to get all the gifts and put them in the baby room. It looks like before long we will have all the things we need to welcome a little baby into the house and just need to wait for a baby to arrive!

She got us all kinds of things from clothes to accessories. We are excited to add all of this to the things she already had sent to us earlier this year.

In addition to seeing her, I got to go to Jacob’s baseball game and hang out a little with the boys. I wish I could have stayed longer but glad I at least got up to see them for a short period. It looks like I  might spend a week out there in July though to stay at the house and commute down to the office each day.

Gifts from my sister

Our First Baby Gift!

Jennifer, Stephanie’s sister, got us our first baby gifts! She had gone on a shopping trip with a girl friend at this huge market/fair ground a little while back and she had gotten some things for the baby she said. Rather than shipping she sent some of it home with mom while she was out there last weekend (although not all of it fit in the suitcase so more presents to come soon!).

They are really cute owl themed toys and bath towels. It incorporates the orange accent color we are using for the baby room so they match great. All of it is super soft and feels like it will be great to cuddle in after a bath or sleep with for a nap.

Love my sister and how she is just as anxious about the adoption as we are (well maybe not as anxious but close)!