Last Minute Hospital List

Well we are officially on the last minute hospital list (LMHL) now after signing the paperwork earlier this morning!

For those that don’t know what that means it is a list our agency has that you can choose to be part of after waiting for at least a year for a placement. If a birth mother calls the agency during labor or after from the hospital then it becomes a last minute situation. The profiles that they show her then are only those from the last minute hospital list that live within four hours of driving. In our area that could mean greater odds of being chosen since there are fewer profiles to select from. It could also mean that we could get a call any day and be parents.

There are downsides to a match that is last minute as well since the birth mother has not had the same counseling that other birth mothers would have but it has the same chances of whether or not she will change her mind or not after relinquishment. If you have any questions about what this might mean please feel free to ask.  Here is to hoping that it won’t be much longer until we have a child to cuddle and love on!