Installing a Car Seat

Andy and I recently tried to install the infant car seat that we bought into the Jetta just in case we get a last minute call. We don’t want to be picking up a baby and worried that we don’t know how to install it or that the seat isn’t installed correctly.

We got the seat into the car and level, although it seemed to be moving a lot more than it is supposed to (they are only suppose to move up to an inch when it is latched/belted down). We tried to tighten the straps more for the seat but they just weren’t getting any tighter. Next there needed to be a stop at the fire house to find out what we are doing wrong or what we need to do better.

Andy took the car to the fire house, since I was out of town, by himself and they helped him to get the seat in the car better and now it is much more secure. They also instructed him on how to properly have a child strapped into the seat and how to tighten/loosen the straps as needed. Although we would have liked to put the seat in the middle it just wasn’t going to work in this car with this particular seat.

Our installed car seat is finally ready whenever we do adopt!

Installed Car Seat