Update on Life in General

So it has been a little while since we have written a blog post, it has been a little crazy around here for us though. I started my new job a couple weeks ago and have been busy going through training. I have a couple more weeks left of training until I become certified though. Andy too has started one of his busy seasons. He has several potential things that he is working on in addition to the lacrosse photo schedule he already has over the next couple months.

On top of starting out a new job Andy and I have been hanging out with lots of friends and family for dinners. It has been great to eat some awesome food and catch up with some people that we don’t get to see often enough. We even got to meet Andy’s cousin’s newest daughter last month. Even though she slept 90% of the time we were together it was great to finally meet her and give them the baby gift we got them too. We really wish there was more time to see friends and family and hope that with me not traveling for work as often it might be easier in the future.

Our schedule is just going to get busier over the coming months though as we setup more and more things with friends and family. We are babysitting this whole weekend for some friends of ours (their daughter is adorable and awesome!), have friends visiting, going on a trip to Houston to visit my sister’s family, and making plans with some friends in Atlanta all over the next month or so from now.

Staying busy is helping us not stress too often over our upcoming 2 year anniversary of being a waiting family with our agency. At 2 years 80% of families have usually adopted with our agency so to not be one of those families is starting to become a reality and makes it hard to stay positive at times. We know that when the right situation is here it will be terrific but the not knowing the time line is stressful and we can’t wait for that to be over for us and to finally have a child in our family.

The next couple of posts should be coming pretty soon and hopefully we will have lots of pictures to share too!


Non-Adoption Related News!

While we haven’t made any new progress on the adoption front yet this year, we have some other great news to report on at least!

Andy’s photography business is starting to get more work and he will be the action photographer for West Forsyth Lacrosse (all 11 teams) and do the Little Shooters Lacrosse portrait shots as well. In addition to that he is getting some more work with another photographer he has worked with in the past and hopefully a couple of events to shoot for Game Face as well. It will be a very busy spring for him likely but it will be well worth it for his business to have such awesome success after a little over a year of shooting.

Similarly, I will be starting a new job in 2 short weeks! Now that it is official with signed offer and letter of resignation with my current job done I can start telling people about my new job. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and I hope that it will be a great move for my career. I will be working for a company called Workday as an Integrations Consultant. It means I will learning an entirely new software, however, it is similar in that both my current and future jobs deals with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. This new job will also mean less travel which will be awesome when we do adopt to not have to go on the road so often.

This means putting a small delay on our trip to Vegas, but we still hope to do that this year at some point. With all of this going on we are expecting our spring to be extremely busy and that it will with any luck bring new optimism/hope into the waiting process for both of us. In two short months we will have been waiting with our agency for 2 years to adopt a child. As we get closer to that marker we have been getting more frustrated since typically 80% of families adopt with our agency within that time frame and we have not yet. A busy life with work and some planned travels this year will help take our mind off this and when we least expect it maybe we will finally become parents!