Cay Gliebe, Stephanie’s Mom and Andrew’s Mother in Law

“Stephanie and Andrew are very committed to becoming parents. They view adoption as the key to fulfilling their desire to be parents and they are both ready for this and anxiously awaiting that moment when a birth mother chooses them. They have so much love to give and I know they will both be wonderful parents. Both Stephanie and Andrew are full of love and affection for children of all ages. Most importantly, they know how to have fun while at the same time providing the right level of discipline. Stephanie and Andrew are truly a loving, fun, active couple. They are financially secure, hardworking, and focused on making a great life for multiple children in the years to come. They are building a home that is ready made for raising a family in an area that has a solid school system, in a safe community that has an ever increasing diversity of cultures. Just as they will welcome any child into their lives, I too look forward to that moment when I will become a grandmother for the 7th time. ”

Marisa Nuss, Friend

 “Since befriending Andrew last year, it was obvious since day one how great of a father he will be. Stephanie and Andrew are constantly showing the world how prepared they are to love their child by showing how they have prepared for the arrival of their child and writing very personal and meaningful open letters to express their feelings throughout the adoption process. Stephanie and Andrew are very involved with family and close friends and have proven there is plenty of room for more love in the family.”

Sandra Gisele Miquelan Assuncao, Friend

“I met Stephanie & Andrew last year and i could see their hapiness ! We talked about some subjects and they are lovely , friendly , funny and like a lot of kids ( i have a litle daughter and they played with her all the time ). Stephanie is a special person : sweet , smart and Andrew is very , very funny . They deserve a child, and this child will be happy with them . They have a happy life together. I recommend Stephanie & Andrew for adoption . ”

Matthew Korpak, Longtime Friend

“I am positive Andrew and Stephanie will make great parents. My one-year-old daughter, Kailyn, loves when they babysit her and they always do a fantastic job. I can always trust them to do what is best for my baby and look forward to the day they have their own child for Kailyn to play with.”

Linda Johnson, Aunt

“Stephanie and Andy have a very loving, supportive and committed marriage. This will reflect well in raising children. They are nurturing, caring and understand the importance of having fun while being able to teach their children core values. They definitely will be able to strike a balance between offering their children support and empathy — while simultaneously providing structure through clear expectations of how they would like them to behave. I have known Stephanie her entire life and Andy since he met and married Stephanie. I have seen them interact with children and I feel that they would make great parents – they have an abundance of love to give to a child.”

Lacy Lynn Shrum , Long Time Friend to Andrew and Stephanie

“Andrew and Stephanie have strong desire to complete their family. I can personally attest to their amazing morals, family, and their wholesomeness as a couple. They each have specialties that compromise each other. They both are surrounded by healthy, educated family and friends. I would want any mother looking to find a caring, peaceful, engaging, enthusiastic couple to support her loved one; Andrew and Stephanie would be excellent at parenting. “

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