Letter to our future Child (Chapter 3)

Letter to our future Child (Chapter 3)

Your mother is out with friends, and I am hanging out for the night. I am writing you this letter from your room. Every now and then I come in here to sit, to think, and to enjoy your room. It already has everything you can imagine in here. Etta, lays in here on the floor, she loves this room. She is at my feet.

Your mother and I have started going to church each Sunday, and have been praying that you find your way into our lives soon. Everyone cannot wait to meet you, people from church, our families and friends, literally everyone. She and I are exhausted waiting for you. The rollercoaster of emotions that we have gone through so far have been taking their toll on us. Your mother and I love each other so much, but we both have something missing in our lives, and that is you. It is getting harder and harder to hide the frustration, the pain, and the waiting as each day passes.

We are desperately trying to stay busy as we wait for your entrance into the world. We have trips planned and events to go to, but we are running out of things to distract us. Nothing really keeps us from thinking about you these days. We used to be able to “chalk it up to the wait” and do things without thoughts of you creeping in, but as each day goes by, your presence is longed for more and more.

Mother’s day was awful this year. It hurts us deeply each Mother’s and Father’s day that comes and goes when we aren’t parents. We understand you have a schedule, a plan, we just wish we knew what it was. The unknown has been hardest to deal with. We held a few babies the past few weekends, and that helps reassure us we’re why we are looking for you.

Your room is ready, our hearts are open, our hands outreached. We are here.

We do not know you, but we are already in love with you.