April Fools Day

I must say that this year was surprisingly the easiest April Fool’s Day to get through since we started trying to have a family. Not a single friend or family member that I saw on Facebook posted a prank about a false pregnancy. Also, I saw multiple friends that posted something along the lines of how hurtful that type of post is to some people and you that people shouldn’t make jokes about it.

While I have never participated in an April Fool’s Day joke I do find most of them funny. Lately it has seemed like people are trying to do a joke though and are instead using some situation that can be a difficult topic for some people to deal with. It isn’t even just the pregnancy jokes that are hard to handle for those having difficulty starting or growing a family but jokes about life events that can be very emotional for people. There were a lot of people that hated the joke that Sam Smith tweeted about being straight since there are so many people that struggle with their sexuality, coming out, etc.

These jokes feel like the person that posts them doesn’t understand how difficult it can be for some people and the reminder of things that they have no control over. I feel like there are better ways to play a prank or joke on someone (or for all of facebook) without playing with topics such as divorce, sexuality, pregnancy, etc. So I just want to thank those that I am friends with on facebook for not pretending to be pregnant. I am not the only one struggling with infertility/adoption and while there are those that don’t feel upset over it there are many more that it hurts. On the other hand if you are pregnant I love to see the announcements! We just had a friend announce a few days ago and I was happy to see that they were expecting again.