Adoption Ruling for ‘Baby Veronica’

After watching and reading information about the baby Veronica case I am saddened by what has happened to that child. This custody battle has never been about what is in the best interest of the child but what is in the best interest of the parents involved in it.

I understand how difficult it is for the adoptive parents to bring home a baby and then have the birth father contest the adoption before it was finalized and how heart wrenching that must be. However, with the adoption not finalized things could and still did prevent them from adopting the baby at that time and wouldn’t it be more heart wrenching to go through years of a court battle that might not come out in your favor and put that child you have come to love through so much emotional pain than to let her grow up in a home with her birth father?

I don’t know how my actions would have been different from theirs if I was put in the same situation but I do know that sitting on the outside I think about the fact that the birth father wanted his daughter and as the girl grows up and finds out all this information (even if there wasn’t a huge court battle she would still find out) how would she feel about her adoptive parents. If it was me, I would be mad at them for keeping me from my birth father if he truly wanted to take care of me and it would be hard to trust that they have my best interest at heart on anything they say or do.

At this point in that girls short life she was living with an adoptive couple as an infant and then transferred custody to her birth father after a long battle in the state court system. Now she is going to be torn from her birth father’s home to go back to a home that she is likely not going to remember much about and to people she is not familiar with anymore. How do you care about a child and want to put her through that type of pain when there is no reason for the birth father to not be able to parent his daughter?

I hope that the little girl is allowed a good open relationship between all of her parents to try to grow up happy and healthy.